Discover Your Roots March 11, 2023 Class Schedule

Track 1 – FamilySearchTrack 2 – DNATrack 3 – African American Genealogy
8:00Open to Participants and Registration
8:30Opening Session and Orientation
9:00FamilySearch 1 –
Introduction to
Basics of FamilySearch

Maureen Keillor
Understanding DNA- Edition
Mary Jane Saylor
African American Research 1 –
Beginners Researching and the legal (and other) documents
Tamu Taylor
10:00FamilySearch 2 –
How to Use the FamilySearch Family Tree including building YOUR family tree from scratch
Mary Jane Saylor
DNA 2 –
How Am I Related to My Thousands of DNA Matches?
Ruth Campbell
African American Research 2 –
Case Study of an Slave Ancestor/Slaveholder
Allison Gardner Kotter 
11:00FamilySearch 3 –
How to search for relatives directly from the FamilySearch Family Tree
Mary Jane Saylor
DNA 3 –
Let’s Organize Your 2nd Cousins into Grandparent
Groups Using the Leeds Method!

Ruth Campbell
African American Research 3 –
Research Stories from the Journeys of Slave Ancestors/Descendants
Byron Coleman
12:00FamilySearch 4 –
How to Use the FamilySearch Library Catalog and Image Search
Laura Carter 
Surprise!! My GGF was the Milkman A True Case Study

Ruth Campbell
African American Research 4 –
Q&A Discussion
Panel +
1:00Lunch and “Relatives Around Me”

ᴥ  African American Research #4 – Open Q & A discussion / panel – Panel made up of Tamu Taylor, Byron Coleman, Allison Gardner Kotter, Eve Olsen, Jan Bryant, and facilitated by Emanuel Reid.

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